Womens Tungsten Ring Rose Gold IP Classic -ROSA


ROSA – With a magnificent denture alignment forging technique that has brought about an alluring pink gold plated look, the Rose Gold Plated Classic Style Womens Tungsten ring is an absolute marvel amongst rings for women. This bewitching Gunmetal with Rose Womens Wedding Ring has been plated with rose gold that has been remolded into a 100 atoms thick ionic-plate. This gorgeous Wedding Ring has been platinum dissolved in aqua regia and powdered with heated liquid soy to produce a magnificent oak pinkish burn in the gold, giving it it’s signature name. The look and feel of this classic Womens tungsten ring has been the reason why this is still to date one our most exclusive and coveted bands.  The 5mm Rose Gold Plated Classic Style Women’s Tungsten – ROSA – a true tribute to the beauty that wears it.



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