Shinobi Tungsten Chain


The Tungsten Chain – SHINOBI – A formidable act of veracity for great aesthetics in fine jewelry. With an eminently furious look and feel that can only be proven with conformity by evolution through generations of metallurgy comes the commanding achievement of the SHINOBI. A Men’s Tungsten Chain that looks so ferocious and so fierce, that quite frankly, it should come with a warning sign. As beautiful as it is dangerous looking, this is Creme de la Creme” in Men’s Tungsten Chains. The chain connections have been polished with the same techniques as used by traditional Kumakai sword-smiths in ancient feudal japan and the design is reminiscent of the Yamashiro samurai clan. Made from pure Tungsten Carbide which is harder than steel, to be worn by itself or with a pendant, expect to have your minions bowing at your feet when wearing this titanically fearsome amalgamation of level 9 bad-assery. The Tungsten Chain – SHINOBI – A chain for the warrior and the killer elite.


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