Hydro Tungsten Pendant


With fine accomplishment and superior craftsmanship in Men’s Pendants, The Tungsten Pendant – HYDRO – A classy and yet casual look of colorful briskness that features a  bound polished tungsten pendant inlaid with Dark Blue ingrained black carbon fibre inside a beautifully designed compression mold. The amulet’s mold has been vacuum bagged under unscrupulous observation in the gelation processes that keep the fibers in a vitrified resin so that no epoxy or non-precious materials are used during the UV curing of the carbon fibers. The pendant comes in stunning and robust gunmetal with vibrant blue and black for the carbon fibers on a very eccentric yet seductive look in a 12x33mm piece. The Tungsten Pendant – HYDRO – an expressive Men’s Tungsten Pendant with a visual incantation for the vivacious at spirit and the cool in personality.

Includes complimentary ball chain


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