Formost Mens Tungsten Pendants


The Tungsten Pendant – FORMOST – a first of it’s series design with an aesthetic that is older than time itself yet tightly centurion as a popular piece in our Mens Tungsten Pendants collection. Completed in a full polished finish featuring 4 laser precision cut out circles, ascending in a 90 degree perfect alignment size downwards. Inspired by the Navajo traditions of initiation, this magnificent piece tells a story underscoring the function of spiritual energy. The integration of cycles in a unity that is nurturing and integrated between heaven and earth and the protective boundaries that shape the in-betweens. 10 times harder than 18k gold and four times harder than titanium which is equal to a natural sapphire’s hardness. The Mens Tungsten Pendants star – FORMOST – Infity symbolized by absolute perfection.

Includes complimentary ball chain


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