Aragon Mens Tungsten Pendant


The Mens Tungsten Pendant – ARAGON – Featuring a magnified denture alignment from an ancient Chinese forging technique which translated means “Fragrance of the Serpent”. In this technique the inlay of the Tungsten Pendants are created not directly by the mold but by the molten fine metal itself using another material as the cutting agent. Once the inlay design has settled and been cut to precision, it is doused with pure liquid gold that has been remolded into a 130 atoms thick ionic bonded plate. The design is then platinum dissolved in aqua regia solution, and powdered with charcoal heated liquid soy to produce a gorgeous oak pinkish burn in the gold. the Tungsten Carbide pendant in a full polish finish with a rose gold IP plated Dragon pattern is a sublime ascension into the arts of fine jewelry smithing. The Mens Tungsten Pendant – ARAGON – A crafted relic of style and modern exuberance.


Includes Complimentary Stainless Steel Ball Chain as Pictured.


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