SHINOBI Mens Tungsten Bracelet


One look at this Men’s Tungsten Bracelet and you will be pleasantly scarred within the inner foundations of comprehension in regard to what is the true great aesthetics of fine jewelry. To put it mildly, the Solid Mens Wheat Link Tungsten Bracelet – SHINOBI – is the “Creme de la Creme” in Men’s Tungsten Bracelets. Featuring at 20 centimeters in 13 pure tungsten links with stainless-chromium bolts and 2 clasp pieces, this 8.4mm width Polished Tungsten Carbide has been edged in riverstone and doused in aqua-regia for a sterling chromium finish. The chain connections have been polished with the same techniques as used by traditional Kumakai sword-smiths in ancient feudal japan and the design is reminiscent of the Yamashiro clan era. The beauty and seductiveness of this piece has been entrancing and spellbinding to the most critical of fashion connoisseurs in the industry of Men’s Tungsten Jewelry. For the adventurer who has a fine appreciation of the ancient arts in modern apparel, The Solid Mens Wheat Link Tungsten Bracelet – SHINOBI – is a fine choice and a matter of principal taste.


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