Mattino Contrasting Tungsten Mens Bracelets


The Tungsten Mens Bracelets – MATTINO – in a hypothesis that a classic styled Contrasting Men’s Tungsten Bracelet could not only thrive as a bestseller in a market full of noir and 21st century designs but reset the standard in Men’s Tungsten Jewelry while bringing back a retro movement, we set out as a challenge to create a set of pieces that would revive this beautiful old-school trend of metallurgy. The result is a piece so fine and delectable for eye consumption, that it will leave you cross-eyed at the subtle changes between brushed and polished surfaces. This remarkable clasp linked Tungsten Carbide bracelet with matte finish gray center connectors and contrasting side connectors on a high-quality laser polishing finish is the epitome of ostentatious swank, glitz, flash and flamboyance. In gunmetal color and at 12mm wide and 21cms long, the Contrasting  Tungsten Mens Bracelets – MATTINO – a loophole of post-modern style with a classic man’s look.


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