Conqueror Tungsten Bracelet


The Solid Tungsten Bracelet – CONQUEROR – comes in a high laser polished in classic block pattern link style with a modern finish. Each link has been glazed  and deoxidized with an iodized solution much like the processes used for retro style high grade pieces. The brackets, links and clasp have been nickel bound with de-magnetized neodymium for precision cladding. Because of this, this Men’s Tungsten Bracelet chain will never be looser or tighter than intended. At 12mm width and 21cms long and in Gunmetal color, the Tungsten Bracelet – CONQUEROR – has both a retro look with a retro feel but made with 21st century reliability. A hallmark bracelet that would have cost thousands of dollars 20 years ago but better and more affordable today.


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