Matching wedding bands ZEPHYR


Matching Wedding Bands  ZEPHYR – A Diamond density pure tungsten carbide in 2 piece bold band set made with great care and attention to quality. Simple and yet elegant, each of these Tungsten Wedding Rings has a reflective outer ring surface that has been smoothed out using polycrystalline brush drills. A titillating ring set crafted from the toughest carbide polymer in existence; 3 times denser than any titanium alloy and three times tougher than the hardest of steels. Central to the theme that true love can withstand anything, this engaging set will leave little doubts as to the attitude and fortitude of a relationship’s resolute to overcome the odds. For the couple that conquers it all, together and forever… the Tungsten Matching Wedding Bands – ZEPHYR.

Zephyr 8mm


Zephyr 5mm



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