Celtic wedding rings Matching Tungsten – SPARTAN


The Matching Tungsten Celtic Wedding Rings – SPARTAN – The Sparkling electricity in luminescent chemistry and the quixotic allure and traditionalism of masterful metallurgy come to a romantic fruition in this enticing 2 piece celtic wedding rings set that resembles quite lovely the synergy between the ancestral and the contemporary. With raised contrasting matte finishes on top of laser engraved Celtic designs, nano-fused with a high polish curb to create a smooth emblem pattern throughout the edges. A process that also provides safeguard from tear and wear throughout the ages and applies a wood-burn like finish, giving the piece an attractive look of regality. Impressiveness of splendor on a lavish scale held in the highest grade of craftsmanship. The Celtic Pattern Matching Tungsten Wedding Ring Set – SPARTAN – will forge the bonds that tie us while fueling our hearts in manners that will captivate the imagination.


Spartan 9mm


Spartan 5mm



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