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Matching wedding rings Aroha Tungsten Carbide


Aroha matching wedding rings where effortless style and traditional Maori painted art come together in a perfect blend to arouse the senses in this Matching Tungsten Wedding Ring Set. This inspired styles are a classic featuring a polished band with a Kowhaiwhai pattern engraved across the band, you are purchasing 2 bands one in 6mm and the other in 8mm as a matching set. In your choice of Gun Metal or Gold, it is a classic men and woman’s tungsten ring combining a polished gold plated or gunmetal band with a beautifully crafted pattern sand-rock engraved in silverpoint across the band-work. The AROHA  matching wedding rings are a dousing mixture of sensuous beauty and whole hearted elegance that will captivate and stimulate any couple with it’s romanticism.

Aroha 6mm


Aroha 8mm



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