Tungsten Rings 8mm Multi Faceted Polished – ZOSIMUS


ZOSIMUS facteted Tungsten Rings – featuring a wonderful pattern of 90 shiny facets. This Polished Tungsten ring is covered throughout the entire surface with diamond shaped surfaces that gleam with light and change shades of deep shadow chrome and reflective silver. The entire mesh of these reflective plains has been buffered and polished to a mirror style shimmer and fused with a thin layer of glazed nanocarbonpolymite silver. The glaze is burned into the Tungsten at medium to high temperature bursts and the ring is cleaned with highly pressurized liquid gas in a vacuum to control the oxidization. This process gives the tungsten’s surface a truly stunning effect, somewhat similar to that of a prism but still dim enough to be a man’s ring. The ZOSIMUS 8mm Multi Faceted Polished Tungsten Rings will likely be at the center of many small talks.

Definitely NOT for the man that wants to go unnoticed.



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