Tungsten wedding ring 8mm Brushed with Polished Grooves- XONOR


Xonor features a modern Tungsten Carbide Band that has been brushed with a diamond dusted low polymer and molded in a process that removes all trace elements. With an attractive satin finish and superior craftsmanship, this tungsten wedding ring like all our rings contains no cobalt and about 3.5% nickel binder. Possessing two spaced subtle laser polished grooves on either side that gives the ring a rich and refined feel, this 8mm Brushed Tungsten Band with Polished Grooves stands in a class of it’s own. The silky smooth look created by brushed tungsten makes for an attractive mens tungsten wedding ring. It’s no mystery why tungsten rings are a style on the rise and this piece is a beautiful example that explains that trend



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