Tungsten Rings for Men Aztec Inspired Laser Etched


The AZTEC – In the late 1920’s several Nahuatl codices where discovered near Templo Mayor in Mexico City. After translation these codices were found to have much information about post Spanish colonization culture in Central America. Within that info lay also blueprints and instructions on reformed techniques that arose from the cultural mixtures between New World and Old World civilizations of those times. Casting and jewellery making was among those discoveries. These techniques were lost again during World War 2 and later resurfaced nearing the end of the Cold War in 1987. These processes have been perfected and modernized due to large advancements in technology but are still held very secret within. The polishing and edging techniques used in our Tungsten Rings for men are no more than beautiful theatrics for the purposes of homage to a destroyed civilization, however the casting is something so breathtaking and so far apart form other rings, it will look and feel as if something that is out of this world. Comes in a sharp and buffered gunmetal color, the Aztec tungsten rings for men pattern resembles the discoveries from the ancient empire



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