Tungsten Ring Carbon Fibre Inlay Blue HYDRO


Hydro Tungsten Ring Carbon Fibre inlay features a  bound polished Tungsten Carbide band, inlaid with vacuum bagged Dark Blue ingrained black carbon fibre inside a beautifully designed compression mold. Choose from wide inlaid with a two-part resin or a narrow inlaid in the mold. Absolutely no epoxy is used during the cyclic-loading process of the the UV curing for the carbon fibers. Instead, vitrification in the resin mixture for the fibers is used to increase the specific quality indices demanded for all high value fine jewelry in Men’s Tungsten Ring Carbon Fibre bands. The process temperatures after a gelation period are then measured to assure the highest quality. This 8mm Wide Blue Carbon Fibre Wide or Narrow Inlay Tungsten Ring – HYDRO – is of superb craftsmanship and one of the coolest rings any bearer could sport in his wardrobe.



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