Tungsten Mens Ring 8mm Gold IP Laser Engraved DELTA


Not for the callous at heart, the DELTA 8mm Tungsten Mens Ring Gold IP Laser Engraved Triangle Pattern is a beautiful amalgamation of vigorous spirit and dazzling style. Far from conventional, this gorgeous band of gold plated tungsten ring is covered across the entire band with laser engraved triangular patterns that resemble blue stained azurite glass. A refreshing display of individuality accentuated by a solid gold look in the tungsten mens ring arena. Visually exuberant yet not overly flamboyant, the DELTA is perfect for festive occasions and casual parties. This lovely ring will have your apparel teeming with gusto and lavishing in pizazz. A rich promotion from the boring set of the same old rings that everyone else is likely to see in the room you are in.



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