Tungsten carbide ring Brushed Inner and Polished Ridges -PERIHELION


PERIHELION is by far our best seller. This Tungsten Carbide ring has a primely brushed gorgeous finish with radiantly high polished step down edges. It has a perfectly inlaid side circumference down to the nano particle. The inner sides and ridges have been groove bevelled and super heated with a glazed titanium-golden alloy to provide with an unbelievably reflective surface that will shine like new for many lifetimes. This ring is seductive, elegant, but most importantly, high quality craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. Do not be fooled by how affordable it is. The techniques used to forge the brushed inner sections are next generation and are a highly guarded industry secret but you will see the proof in the quality of the product. The Brushed Inner and Polished Ridges Tungsten Carbide Ring comes in a silky smooth gunmetal shade that will leave anyone speechless by it’s design.



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