Tungsten carbide ring 8mm Polished Inner Brushed Edge- ARTIC


Artic – This Tungsten Carbide Ring features a polished inner band with stunning matte brushed outer ridges and precision-cut edge. The ring spikes a cold and bold look that is not only elegant and stylish but strong and yet personal. This scratch-resistant white tungsten carbide ring has been magnetically fused with titanium dust and contains absolutely no other metals, including cobalt. It is made out of 89% Tungsten Carbide, making it one of the toughest rings in the market. It was machined cut and brushed using extremely high and low temperatures using drill bits and tools made out of pure diamond. Given that Tungsten metal itself is used by the Army in armor-piercing ammunition and by astronauts for it’s resistance to ridiculously high temperatures, the ARTIC 8mm Tungsten Ring Polished Inner Brushed Edge is likely to be one of the strongest, toughest rings in the market today.



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