Tungsten Brushed Band EXCALIBUR


The Excalibur classic style tungsten brushed band wedding ring is a suave 8mm high curve wide ring made from high-quality Tungsten. For those who prefer a brushed finish over a high polish this ring is a perfect match. Using specialized polycrystalline abrasive buffer brushes to scrub the surface with a high resin polymer, the entire band of the ring is rendered into a smooth and silky matte finish. Each ring is placed in an electrolyte bathing solution for several hours to protect from corrosive salts and oxygenated abrasions on the metal surface fibers. The quality of this Classic Tungsten brushed band is only surpassed by the great care taken in producing these precious pieces of men’s wear and jewelry. The Excalibur is a wedding ring forged as if for royalty.



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