Titanium Koru Black Ring

Titanium Koru Black Ring


Koru Patterned Titanium Rings

with their ancient Maori symbolism, have come to be synonymous with wedding bands today. The ancient Koru symbol of continuity between the new and the eternal, is deeply rooted in the history and culture of New Zealand. In this particular ring, this pattern is prominently etched upon the surface of a chic titanium band, lacing the latter’s easy elegance with a bold, expressive edge.


Choose this if you fancy contemporary with a hint of the traditional, and style statements with their fair share of functionality. Besides paying the perfect complement to your eternal love, this titanium band also makes for a durable, lightweight and comfortable wear. Finished off in a 6mm wide band.


This ring is made to order. Please allow upto 10 working days for delivery (from the payment date) for your ring to be made and delivered across Australia, or standard delivery time internationally.


Customize – You can customise this ring. You can have this ring in a different width, colour or metal if you prefer, or you can also get a matching ring to this made for your partner. Please fill in as much detail as you can on our customization form. Exchange your vows with stylish and expressive Koru patterned titanium bands.



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