Tungsten Brushed Rings for men – GANADOR


Ganador – featuring polished step edges leading up to the brushed centre inner creates a bold look. In the old Swedish language, “Tungsten” means “heavy stone”, and in spanish, both modern and old, “Ganador” means ”winner”. One look at this ring and you will know why it was named so, as a winner amongst rings for men


This ring is forged, not molded, using a Hyper-heated furnace and hyper-cooled in ice water. This illustrious method, used for creating quality swords that began since before the time of Christ, has been perfected since the rule of the Spanish crown. It is a combination of ancient methodology in the art of blacksmithing using 21st century technology to bring you this 8mm Wide Tungsten Brushed Inner band with polished outer in silver tungsten ring. It is as perfect and modern as it is beautiful and ancient.



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