Rings for Men 8mm Bold Tungsten Twin Gold Stripes – EMERGE


The EMERGE Tungsten Duo Gold Stripes is the latest rage in rings for men. It is a conferment of  well-built hardware in Men’s Tungsten Ring design. A hardy ring for the strong and resolute man that isn’t afraid to wear his confidence and his heart out on his sleeves. Dashing two alluring twin gold stripes that encircle the length of the entire band, this 8mm smooth zirconium-plated gunmetal tungsten ring is a luscious amalgamation of precious minerals to give a wide but splendid and attractive contrast. The ring is dashing and impressive at first sight with a decree of certifiable gusto that makes it one of our most exclusive and hard to find pieces as well as one our most sought after product in our range.  The Tungsten Duo Gold Stripes Emerge 8mm Rings for men – EMERGE – will bring a decor of stylish intellect and elegance to the most macho of men.



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