Polished tungsten ring Zephyr – 8mm


ZEPHYR is a space age quality polished tungsten ring that features a bold band with perfectly bevelled edges in a high polish chrome-like finish. This simple yet elegant ring is made from a tough carbide polymer that is denser than any titanium alloy and three times tougher than the hardest of steels. A hard ring for the hard player. It’s reflective outer ring surface has been magnetically cladded with a thin coat of platinum silver and smoothed over using a polycrystalline abrasive covered drill.

Combine that with a glazed inner section that was edged using aerospace technology, and you have a high class seductive ring that is also very strong. For the high powered brawn’s man, or any man who wants to sport and wear ‘tough as nails’ fashion, the 8mm Mens polished tungsten ring Zephyr is the perfect companion.



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