Platinum Wedding Rings in Multi Finish

Platinum Wedding Rings in Multi Finish


Platinum Wedding Rings

have always been in their own league. Why?  Unlike gold rings that go on sale at the jewellers, Platinum wedding rings have always maintained their premium because of their nobler content of precious metals  If you are choosing platinum wedding bands you are also making a sound call besides investing in an alluring white grey metal. This platinum ring gives a nice whole look at 8mm width and about 1.7mm thickness  and has a featured the contemporary maze/ grid pattern in polished on a brushed surface ring.

This ring is made to order in Australia. Please allow upto 10 working days for delivery from payment for your ring to be made and delivered across Australia or standard delivery time internationally.

Customize- You can customise this ring. You can have this ring in a different width, colour or metal if you prefer or you can also get a matching ring to this made for your partner. Please fill in as much details as you can on our custom make form. Our Platingwedding rings can also be ordered as a matching set. Please enquire. Hallmarked 950 P



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