Wide Tungsten Rings – 11mmBlack Carbon Fibre Inlay KARBON BLADE


Wide Tungsten rings are in, and the Karbon Blade Tungsten Ring features high quality tungsten carbide for strength with a sealed black carbon fibre inlay and grooved indents on either side as pictured in a matte finish and polished ridges. For life’s true players at heart this men’s tungsten ring commands attention and recognition. Infused with high quality polychromatic carbon fibre inlay within,  Strategic in it’s very look, this stunning ring will carry the weight of your convictions in all of your boardroom meetings, negotiations and beyond. An executive level ring that communicates not just confidence but strategic mindset. For the “big picture” type of man, a power player lifestyle should be represented in his taste for jewellery and his apparel. The 11mm Wide Tungsten Rings Black Carbon Fibre Inlay says it – KARBON BLADE – is the ring that symbolizes that style.



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