Mens Wedding Bands Tungsten Two Tone 8mm Immortal


Our Mens Wedding Bands Tungsten range has evolved and the  Contemporary Duo Tone Gold Silver – IMMORTAL – is the pièce de jour in Mens Wedding Bands Tungsten, which is ironic as it is will last a dozen lifetimes and possibly beyond. This solid Men’s Tungsten Ring is usable as a Wedding Ring or as a non Wedding Band. It has two stunning side bordersand ionically bonded surface of diamond crusted tungsten and gold flakes. The middle section is  tungsten carbide and selectively buffered with high resin polymer cured brushes. The Mens Wedding Rings Contemporary Duo Tone Gold Silver – IMMORTAL – is a ravishing token of adoration and love to the one you love. For any man, attached or unattached, it is a dazzling spectacle of behest to great fashion and good taste.




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