Celtic Tungsten Ring 8mm Gold VALIANT


The Celtic Gold Rings Mens Tungsten Ring – VALIANT – Is a celtic tungsten ring made with love and affection, not just for the people who wear it, and the holy sacrament it cherishes, but for the adoration and devotion to the art of fine jewellery piece making. In the category of Men’s Wedding Rings, this gracious love token is the “creme de la creme”. Boasting in alluring Royal Gold color with exquisite sand-rock brush stone finish on a lovely traditional celtic design across the entire wedding band. The classy feel to this enamoring Men’s Celtic Tungsten Ring is quite marvelously accented by Tungsten to Gold contrast that has been ionically bonded to the piece. A Tungsten ring plated that looks just like a  gold ring, denser and at a fraction of the cost.



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