Carbon Fibre Tungsten ring 8MM Black – TORQUE


Torque carbon fibre Tungsten Ring – Much like the KARBON ring features high quality tungsten carbide borders with a thinner sealed black carbon fiber inlay in a polished and brushed finish. An ultra modern design that sets itself apart from the more conventional wedding rings. This contemporary token of union between husband and wife accentuates love in an eccentric beauty that can only be equaled by the quality of the hardware. A bold yet wondrous fashion statement on the surface of the most beautiful of commitments and yet deeper than the seven oceans amassed. Love is the true time penchant, of course. No need to stifle the virtues of matrimony with superficial concerns such as the looks of your ring. However, why not have something that will resemble the beauty of your life affair with the one you love.The 8MM Black Carbon Fibre Tungsten Ring Torque is a great choice for such an important affair.



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