Barello Gold Tungsten Rings 12mm Wide


Made with yellow gold that has been ionically bonded, Tungsten Carbide and nickel, our Barello Ip Plated Gold Tungsten rings were made for the man who knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. An expensive looking ring is usually accompanied by a high price tag. Not this ring. Tungsten carbide rings are made to endure and keep their beautiful splendor for many lifetimes. They look as real and even better than any of their expensive market imitation counterparts. 12mm Wide, this is a real man’s tungsten ring that will have your peers gawking over and admiring never knowing how affordable this precious metal band really is.

The Barello Ionic Plated Gold tungsten Rings are 12mm Wide, for the true player, a mighty barell gold band that reflects a Gold ring classic feel at a fraction of the price and being Ionic plated means it is one of the most durable plating available in the market.



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