8MM Black Tungsten Ring Carbon Fibre Twin – VANTAGE


Processed from the purest wolfram, this Tungsten ring carbon fibre band contains 0% cobalt and was inspired by the wall street attitude of fast money, fast cars, fast everything. Featuring a laser polished diameter flex curve with an embedded inlay and white gold plated sidings. This precision diamond cut men’s tungsten ring has been given an electrolysis bath in iodized carbonate solution used to treat NASA high orbit satellites. To remove all impurities and buffered to a reflective shine using a high density polymer solution and with flecks of black carbon fiber running through the middle of the band that have been fused with a binder, this ring is a worthy selection for the man living in the fast lane and looking towards the future. Vantage Men’s Tungsten ring carbon fibre comes in a full polished gun metal colour with a single inlay of black carbon fibre.



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