Choosing the Right Men’s Tungsten Wedding Ring for You

You’ve made the choice of a tungsten men’s wedding ring, now comes the fun part: choosing a wedding band that is truly special. Tungsten wedding rings are a popular choice because you have so many choices: there is an almost endless variety of styles and looks to choose from. Consider each of these factors when choosing your perfect men’s tungsten wedding ring:

Sizing your tungsten wedding ring

Resizing is not an option for tungsten rings, the metal is simply too strong and durable. No need to worry, we have you covered if you select the wrong size or you outgrow your tungsten ring: have a look at our Sizing Your Tungsten Ring page to learn more about our sizing guarantee. There is also a huge variety of ring widths available, including slender bands that evoke a more traditional style, and thick bands with a modern look and contemporary feel. Larger rings also present a bigger canvas for distinctive precious stones and designs.

Tungsten wedding ring designs

Speaking of designs, many men enjoy a design that reflects a romantic or distinctive motif. Tungsten rings can be tooled to create appealing grooves, ridges, stepped designs, and cut outs to add visual pop. Find the look that is perfect for you!

Tungsten wedding ring colour and finish

Colour creates incredible variation in mood and feel. Gold plating recreates the traditional wedding band look, with unrivalled durability. Black plating is dramatic and authoritative. A high polish is another traditional touch, while matte finish adds a unique texture that is impossible to miss.

Precious stones for your tungsten wedding ring

Precious stones are a popular choice for wedding rings, a tungsten ring can be set with any of a variety of precious stones that add a romantic touch.

Tungsten wedding ring patterns

Unique patterning creates a ring that is unforgettable and immersed in added meaning. Celtic patterning is romantic and eternal, there are other themes that create new styles.

Tungsten wedding ring inlays

For a truly unique tungsten wedding ring that is contemporary and sophisticated, a carbon fibre inlay adds colour, drama, and eye-catching appeal. Choose from several different styles.

Need help choosing just the right style? Let us know and we can help you, we are the tungsten wedding ring experts!